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The SBCA has traditionally conducted education and junior handler programs and has contributed externally to worthy Saint Bernard-related health research throughout its existence, with most of the funding coming from the Club’s general treasury and reserve funds. In 2011, the SBCA Charitable Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity trust, was formed as a separate legal entity to enable potential donors to contribute potentially tax-deductible funds and receive the tax benefits. While the Charitable Foundation is a separate organization, all sitting SBCA officers, at any given time, serve as trustees of the Charitable Foundation. Being a public charity, the Charitable Foundation is open to tax-deductible donations from public citizens and organizations in addition to the SBCA membership.

Full operation of the Foundation began in 2013. The Foundation has conducted two types of successful key fundraising projects – a silent auction and a dog walk (“Walk for the Saints”) – held at SBCA National Specialty shows in 2013 and 2014.  A silent auction will again be held at the 2015 National Specialty in Santa Fe, NM.  Other fundraising projects are being considered in all focus areas.

The SBCA Charitable Foundation has three main focus areas:

  • Health Research for avoiding, mitigating and/or correcting health problems in the Saint Bernard by participating in the funding of grants to veterinary schools and other canine research groups and organizations, based on recommendations of the SBCA Health Committee.
  • Breed education of owners, and breeders (both current and potential), dog show judges and the public, including the respective responsibilities of each, to reach the highest levels of competence in their selected areas of participation in the sport and in general breed ownership.
  • Juniors, encompassing the education of children involved in the breed on ownership, care-taking, training, handling, and canine health. An important facet of Juniors focus area is the awarding of college scholarships.

Donors may earmark donations for one or more of the above focus areas or mark their contributions as being unrestricted, in which case the funds may go into the General Fund, which supports the minimal costs of Foundation staff operations and can be used to supplement one or more of the above focus areas at the direction of the Trustees. 

During 2013, the Foundation donated $20,000 to the AKC-Canine Health Foundation to support research into a multi-breed bloat study, due to bloat problems being a cause of death in the Saint Bernard, and in 2014, the Foundation awarded a grant of $10,000 to the AKC-CHF for its very important Canine Epilepsy Research Program.  The SBCA Health Committee continues to study and focus on recommending other health research areas for funding that are of prime interest in the breed. Currently, these areas include canine osteosarcoma, lymphoma, degenerative myelopathy and potentially other significant health problems affecting the breed.  Previously funded research in the areas of bloat and epilepsy are actively monitored by the SBCA Health Committee and considered for additional grant funding as appropriate.

How YOU can make a positive impact on the Saint Bernard … 

Donate to the SBCA Charitable Foundation:

Prospective Donors wishing to verify the tax-deductible status of the Foundation as a public charity may do so using the IRS “Select Check” tool at:

NOTE: the SBCA Charitable Foundation EIN is 27-3985461.
For additional information, please contact:
Terry Temple, Executive Director,  ((815) 234-7034
Penny Janz, Director of Records:  ((262) 392-2852
Bobbie Bustos, Director of Finances:  (951) 317-5854

April, 2015

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