Remember these words in the front of our breed   standard…Powerful, Intelligent, Strong & Muscular.

There are a growing number of Saint Bernard fanciers who enjoy keeping   the working skills and heredity traits of our breed alive and strive to bring to   life those words in our Standard. As time marches on, we don’t work our Saint   Bernards as in the past, but we do love to work our dogs in Obedience Trials,   Tracking Tests, Agility Trials, Draft Tests & Weight Pulling Tests. These   events are a joy to participate in and watching a well-trained Saint Bernard   demonstrate its working breed abilities makes us all proud.

Some of these performance sports may not be your “cup of tea” but one   can still learn a thing or two and support those that do. What a wonderful breed   we have to be so versatile. Keep in mind, good conformation and temperament are   very important factors that go into making an excellent performance dog. Our   Standard is the outline for a WORKING Saint Bernard. Read it and take it with   you when looking for your next Saint Bernard. May we all strive to put titles on   both ends of our dog’s name. We should ALL celebrate, watch and support our   Saint Bernards in action when we have the chance, be it a conformation or a   performance venue.

To further your knowledge, check out the different “Worlds” to   view the plethora of performance events and additional titles which may be   earned.