Hello Members of the SBCA,

With the new year upon us, and as I reflect upon the year just passed, I am proud to say that the SBCA is on sound footing.  Some of the accomplishments of our team of enthusiastic volunteers makes me so proud to serve as your president. 

We had a big task to pull off a successful National.  Given that it was in a spot not really suitable for an event such as ours, in Paul Bodeving’s able hands along with the help of an amazing group of volunteers, we were able to have a very successful National week.  Now let’s keep that up as we look to the 2016 National in Ohio where the theme is “Working Together”. 

Something of which I am particularly proud is the showcasing of our working dogs.  Showing all the spectators what can be accomplished in all those venues is such a positive thing.  I know that some are now working on such things as weight pulling and obedience and rally since that National.

I’m particularly excited about the new research being done by our Health Committee headed by Doylene Roberts.  She will be updating all of us with promising new studies which will benefit our Saints and their health in such areas as bloat and osteosarcoma treatments.  I hope you will support these studies with your donations.  They are all tax deductible through our 501C3 Charitable Health Foundation.

I’m happy to see that many former members have decided to reapply for membership now that we have established this atmosphere of a more open, accepting National Club, a club for all who love Saint Bernards.

I’d like to acknowledge our newest Lifetime Member inductees this year.  They are Horst and Winifred Vogel for their devotion to the breed in so many ways and John Cox whose contributions to the breed through his unique Saint Bernard Archives as well as his contributions to Performance Dog activities.

And finally, more kudos to John Cox who is the one person nationwide this year chosen by the American Kennel Club for  the honor of becoming the recipient of the  Lifetime Achievement Award in Companion Events for 2015.  It’s well deserved.  Congratulations to John.





As you navigate these pages, you’ll get a sense of what the Saint Bernard Club of America is all about. We truly have something for everybody. Find out about our National and our award winning magazine, The Saint Fancier. Feel free to contact anyone on the Contact List, and be sure to check out our Rescue Foundation – perhaps there’s a special Saint out there looking for you!

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Complimentary  medallion  upon request for completion of AKC titles, include copy of AKC certificate. Contact the Saint Bernard Club of America, Corresponding Secretary, Colette Weishaar (314) 580-0494 ( SBCA logo chairs and jackets – both superior quality:   Jackets – $90.00 each plus shipping, includes SBCA logo. Men and women’s sizes from small to 4xxxx.  Variety of colors.

Officers and Appointees

Responsibility Name Phone Email President Carole Wilsom (618) 978-8808 Vice-President Linda Baker (609) 466-4494 Recording Secretary Susan Carter (203) 735-8471 Corresponding Sec. Cindy Collins (775)747-1573 Treasurer Kara Wilson (618) 444-1812 Eastern Governors Sue Weigel (973) 779-3522 Susie Collier (860)630-0040 Central Governors Barbara Allen (870)453-3834 Art Shook (269)

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American Kennel Club The Saint Bernard Club of America is a Member club of the AKC. “On September 17, 1884, a group of twelve dedicated sportsmen, responding to a “meeting call” from Messrs. J. M. Taylor and Elliot Smith, met in the rooms of the Philadelphia Kennel Club in that City. Each member of the

SBCA Breed Advisors

Getting Advice and Help The Saint Bernard Club of America has established an Advisor Program to help people new to the breed (or are interested in learning more about the breed) get in touch with some “old-timers”. These Advisors can answer many of your questions and can provide the help and support needed to get

Guidelines and Statement of Policy

The basic reason for breeding and exhibiting St. Bernards is the improvement of each generation of the Breed over the previous generations. All breeding and exhibiting activities should be viewed in this light. In keeping with this aim, the following practices are strongly recommended: Breeders shall strive for perfection of the St. Bernard in accordance

SBCA Charitable Foundation

The SBCA has traditionally conducted education and junior handler programs and has contributed externally to worthy Saint Bernard-related health research throughout its existence, with most of the funding coming from the Club’s general treasury and reserve funds. In 2011, the SBCA Charitable Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public charity trust, was formed as a separate legal entity to enable