Here you will find information to use in your quest to find a knowledgeable breeder and ultimately a Saint Bernard – our Breeder’s Directory, list of Advisors and local clubs around the country; FAQ’s; educational material available for you throughout the entire site designed to help you care for a Saint and learn more about our breed as well as the Saint Bernard Club of America.

Local Saint Bernard Clubs

Find Your Nearest Saint Bernard Club Saint Bernard Club of America Corresponding Secretary’s email: Colette Weishaar Send changes to this list to the Corresponding Secretary using the email address above. ALASKA Saint Bernard Club of Alaska Secretary: Glen Williams 11200 Hideaway Trl, Anchorage, AK 99507 Phone: E-mai:l Working Dog Chairman: Jeff Nelson Specialty

General Information

So you’re thinking about adding a Saint Bernard to your home–or maybe you’ve just gotten your first Saint. Congratulations! Those of us who own Saint Bernards know what wonderful companions they can be. These gentle giants really become part of the family. But, as much as we love and enjoy our Saints, we have to admit


Training your Saint Bernard is vitally important. As a minimum we urge you to earn the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen (CGC) with your Saint. Walking calmly on lead, sit, stay, and coming when called are behaviors all dog should learn, particularly large breed dogs.

The Saint Fancier Magazine

To receive the Saint Fancier publication, our multiple Dog Writer’s Association of America winner,  you must be a  member of the Saint Bernard Club of America,  or you may purchase a subscription to the magazine. For more information, click on the following links: Become a Subscriber -or- How To Join Priority Mail Delivery Delivery of the “Saint

How to Join the Saint Bernard Club of America

To apply for membership into the Saint Bernard Club of America, one must first be a subscriber to our quarterly publication, The Saint Fancier, for consecutive two years. At the end of the two years, the Subscription Chair will send a letter of eligibility with instructions along with a current SBCA application. An applicant can


Frequently Asked Questions HOW MUCH DO THEY EAT? A Saint Bernard will not “eat you out of house and home.” The fact is, a Saint Bernard can be raised and maintained on no more food than required for other large breeds. Since Saints are basically placid dogs, they generally require less food per pound of

Before You Buy That Puppy…

Are you considering a Saint puppy? We often receive inquiries from people a few months after they purchase their first Saint puppy complaining that their young Saint does not meet their expectations of how a proper Saint Bernard should look. This section is meant to give the novice an idea of what a better quality