This centuries old myth about Saint Bernards carrying kegs or barrels of brandy or other liqueurs in them while rescuing stranded travelers in the Alps started in the early 1800’s when a Saint Bernard named “Lion” was imported into England from the Hospice. As a child, Edwin Henry Landseer was so impressed with this majestic dog that he drew a picture of it. Henry’s famous brother, Charles Landseer, created an engraving of this picture and it was eventually published. Later, Charles painted two Saint Bernards, generally called Alpine Mastiffs then, saving a traveler in the Great Saint Bernard Pass in a snow storm. In 1831, his father and teacher made an engraving of this painting. One of the dogs was shown with a wooden keg or cask hanging from its collar. Historians believe this was just artistic license on Landseer’s part. However, others disagree, feeling strongly that the dogs did indeed carry brandy or wine to lost travelers. So whatever you choose to believe, we are pleased to offer replicas for sale here.   $85.00 each, includes shipping.

KegsKey Benefits

  • Quality Hand-crafted wooden kegs complete with harness
  • Help this important cause by ordering yours today!
  • A lifetime gift and collectors item.
  • 8 inches (including spout) x 5 inches

To purchase send a check payable to Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation, Inc.

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