You’ll enjoy journeying through these pages and learning more about the special history of our breed. Check out our unique “Archives” to see the variety of activities and achievements for the Saint Bernard breed spanning over a hundred years. Our Illustrated Commentary is designed to help all enthusiasts including newbies, longtime fanciers and judges in understanding how a Saint Bernard should look and function correctly.

Illustrated Commentary on the Saint Bernard Standard

Our Saint Bernard Illustrated Commentary is one of the most comprehensive interpretations of any breed standard.  Whether you are new to the Saint Bernard,  a Saint Bernard judge, or a longtime fancier, it is an important learning tool which will further enable you to better understand breed type as well as the  form and function of a Saint Bernard.

History of the Breed

Although the true origins of the Saint Bernard breed are not well documented, some aspects of this extraordinary breed are known. Authenticated facts combined with reasoned speculation are believed to best describe the development of this magnificent breed. The Monastery and hospice were founded by Bernard de Menthon, an Augustine monk, in the middle of

The Pedigree

By Lillian Buell, October, 1962 The average pet buyer only sees a piece of paper with long strange sounding names, and finds it less confusing to just tuck it away into a desk drawer. Actually that piece of paper represents some breeder’s plans, often involving years of work, with both success and failure. In our

The Legend of the Brandy Keg

This centuries old myth about Saint Bernards carrying kegs or barrels of brandy or other liqueurs in them while rescuing stranded travelers in the Alps started in the early 1800’s when a Saint Bernard named “Lion” was imported into England from the Hospice. As a child, Edwin Henry Landseer was so impressed with this majestic