Turn your every-day purchases into funds for the SBCA Charitable Foundation!


With no additional cost to you, a percentage of your purchase can be donated to a worthy cause.  While it may seem a small amount, it can really add up.  Not only is it without cost to you, it’s very easy to set up.  Log into Amazon using Smile.Amazon.com (if you have Amazon bookmarked, you’ll just need to change it to include the “smile” to the domain address, that way you’ll be sure to assign the donations).  Then choose your charity.


Ready to get started?

Just click this link https://smile.amazon.com

For more information about the smile program, visit their FAQ at http://smile.amazon.com/about


For complete program details visit http://smile.amazon.com/gp/charity/pd.html


If you have any trouble changing your bookmarks or need help please feel free to contact:

Robert Carter, Webmaster SBCACF   203-734-2792   bob_carter@comcast.net