As a cautionary note, let us begin by saying that one “size” in supplements does not fit all needs and the dog owner should consult his veterinarian prior to using supplements in his Saint Bernard’s food. Having said that, we can mention that vets often have a variety of supplements for sale in their clinics. Most pet owners feed a commercial brand of some kind. Calcium is supplied in these foods at about 1% and it is very important to not disturb that balance.

After nearly fifty years of feeding Saint Bernards, I can share some things that do work.  I used to feed a supplement to pregnant bitches that was called PreNatal Theralin. I don’t believe it is still available from Lambert Kay products, but they now have a  Theralin VMP puppy tab. The prenatal product was loaded with vitamins and minerals.  As you know, puppies are born in a translucent sac. The bitches on Theralin delivered puppies in a much stronger sac than those not fed the supplement.

Cosequin and Dinovite are available without prescription. The former is for joints and the latter is mainly for skin conditions. These products come in a variety of sizes. I have used a product called Dancing Paws, a daily multi vitamin and mineral supplement.  It is available on the internet and from Swanson Inc. Their guaranteed analysis says that two wafers contain 0.3% calcium. See calcium warning in first paragraph above.

Standard Process has been in business since 1929. They only sell to health care professionals. MDs and Chiropractors may stock their products and they have a huge selection of items to choose from. A retired veterinarian turned me on to Standard Process and actually helped me establish an account of my own with them. I only ordered Calci Food Powder. It was beef bone processed at low temperatures. The vet asked if I had ever had a puppy go lame and have crooked front leg problems. I had not at that time, but later experienced that problem and the product worked great. I have seen similar products in drug stores.

Bottom line – always check with your vet as well as your breeder about supplementing. And remember, there’s a myriad of opinions out there so do your research to help you find what is best for your Saint at any age.

Glen Williams, Alaska
January, 2014