Because they are a giant breed, Saint Bernards  can often have specific  nutritional needs.  In this section you will find information from experienced Saint Bernard breeders about feeding your Saints at any age.

Dog Food Supplements

As a cautionary note, let us begin by saying that one “size” in supplements does not fit all needs and the dog owner should consult his veterinarian prior to using supplements in his Saint Bernard’s food. Having said that, we can mention that vets often have a variety of supplements for sale in their clinics.

Thoughts on Feeding

Our Thoughts on Feeding Saints Feeding of our Saint Bernards is something that we take very seriously.  From the moment the puppies are conceived we take special consideration to the nutrition that the bitch needs to in order to provide proper nutrition to the developing puppies. With this article we would like to focus on

Understanding Dog Food Labels

Saint Bernards, being a giant breed, come with an inherent concern for proper nutrition. There are many different opinions on what and how to feed – dry, wet, grain free, or raw. I have been involved in the breed since 1973 – showing and breeding since 1983. The world of dog food has had dramatic

Feeding Older Puppies Through Old Age

Saint puppies grow at an extremely rapid rate. At birth they usually weigh 1 ½ – 2 ½ pounds. By the age of 3 months they weigh around 30 to 40 pounds and will gain between 3 to 5 pounds a week for the next few months. This kind of growth makes proper feeding extremely

Feeding In Special Cases

PREGNANCY Before even considering your Saint, she should be on a high quality, balanced diet. That having been said, she has been bred and you are now hoping for the pitter-patter of puppy paws. The gestation period for a dog is 63 days (9 weeks). During the first 4 weeks, the pups are not putting