These articles will give you information from experienced breeders about specific issues in certain climates.

Wet and Rainy Climates

The rain in Spain seems to not stay in the plains..…rather it’s in the Northwest! We live in Auburn, a suburb south of Seattle, Washington, nestled just below Mount Rainier. Our beautiful Northwest coast line is such a lovely and naturally green and mild environment. We have lush green grass and foliage, enormous trees and

Hot and Dry Climates

Water: In a hot dry climate cool plentiful water is a MUST.  In the hottest times you may need to refresh the dog water several times a day.  Newly refreshed water is often a plaything that can be spread over a large area.  As the mouth area of a Saint is one of the largest

Cold and Freezing Climates

  The weather outside…… …… is frightful, but in the dog house it’s delightful!  Apologies to Wendy and Carnie Wilson who wrote LET IT SNOW! Reasonable care should be taken during cold weather for outdoor pets and livestock. Bedding It is my personal opinion that outside dogs are hardier than the indoor variety who only

Hot and Humid Climates

Having Saints in the south requires a special brand of determination. I cannot think of an environment more in contrast with the natural settings of this breed than the land of extended summers with our high temperatures and high humidity, but it can be done. North Florida, in my opinion, is about as south as