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  • TALLY 16-08 TALLY for Motion 16-08:  Motion made at the June Board Meeting Anna Mae Brown MOVED, Art Shook seconded “Move to add separate kennel name list to the member’s directory”. Motion status:   PASS   Actual count:  9 in favor, 0 opposed,   0 abstaining In Favor: Wilson, Carter, Hanger, Baker, Brown, Shook, Oliver, Allen, Vogel Opposed: None Abstain: None
  • Important Request from AKC Charitable Health Foundation Attention all Saint Bernard owners:  more blood samples are needed by the AKC Charitable Health Foundation. Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University Dr. Claire Sharp and her team at Tufts University are looking to collect blood (in EDTA anticoagulant) for the extraction of DNA from dogs that have had GDV or are from ...
  • Major Breed Survey IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT We are pleased to announce that a major survey on health issues for the Saint Bernard is ready! Please take 10 minutes out of your day to complete it. It is your opportunity to be heard about what you consider important to the breed. The information we get will be used to establish health policy ...
  • How important is your Saint Bernard’s pedigree? Read an interesting and thought provoking article on pedigrees by a well known and successful breeder in our past. Click on
  • Need some tips on training your Saint puppy for the show ring? click on   and  start preparing for your puppy’s debut at the National Specialty or your local show.  Remember, a trained Saint is a happy and successful Saint in the ring!
  • Illustrated Commentary now on the website The Illustrated Commentary is now on our website and available for your use.  We call attention to the easily read glossary that clarifies some of the commonly misunderstood terms in our written standard.  For example, what is the controversy surrounding a dog’s height at the withers? (see withers)  Click on    
  • Want Information on Supplements? Most quality dog foods provide an adequate balance of nutritional elements to meet the needs of most Saint Bernards. Some dogs may have specific needs that require supplements to be added to the daily feeding regimen to improve overall health or attack specific problems. Learn more about dog food supplements…
  • Feeding Your Saint Bernard, A Giant Breed Because you want your Saint Bernard to live a long, healthy, happy life, it is extremely important to  understand dog food labels as well as the  Saint Bernard’s specific needs from puppyhood through his  geriatric years.  Remember, he depends on you, and only you, to know what’s best for him.  Click on the following for great information from experienced Saint Bernard breeders.
  • Lead training info A new article is now on the site: Basic Lead Training Your Puppy
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