Welcome To The Saint Bernard Club Of America

Welcome To The Saint Bernard Club Of America
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Dear SBCA Members and Friends,


As we work on another year I wish to say that I am once again honored to serve as YOUR president. I do not take this responsibility lightly. I hope we can continue making improvements in the welfare of our Saints.

We now have a CHIC (Canine Health Information Center) database set up in which you may want to participate in order to discover if there are any health issues you might want to address in your dogs. You may access the list of suggested health tests by going on the OFA site and search for the CHIC page for Saint Bernards. You can be one of the first to earn a CHIC number.

The Health Panel and your Board has chosen to fund two very promising studies being conducted on osteosarcoma. One is a donation to the Morris Animal Foundation for $25,000 and the other is $5,000 to help fund the development of a vaccine that will help the survival of dogs with osteosarcoma. Please consider a donation to the Charitable Foundation to keep this research going.

We would like to hear from you about what problems you have experienced with your Saints. From what we can see so far, the big three killers of Saints are osteosarcoma, bloat and epilepsy. You can contact any Board members with your concerns or your Health Panel Chair, Doylene Roberts, at mammothsts@aol.com. We will try to focus on the biggest health concerns and try to bring up the average life expectancy of our dogs to beyond the average 8-10 years.

We also have just instituted a Longevity Award to our many endeavors.  Those who have had Saints living beyond the age of ten should participate and get yours enrolled in this database which will show us important information about giving our Saints longer life expectancies.

We had a wonderful National Specialty in early October in Ohio. Its theme of Working Together resulted in a friendly gathering of the clan.  The turnout of Juniors to this event was especially heartening since this younger generation is our future. Thanks go to our Chairs, Marian McShane and Karen Tucker, for their wonderful planning and hard work toward the success of this major event.

We look forward to another great National in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in October in the town known as The Christmas City. Dates are October 15-21, 2017 at the Bethlehem Lehigh Valley Hotel & Convention Center.  Reservations are open starting now so plan ahead and make yours.  Information is posted on this website.  Keep checking back as events are added to the week.  Wise Saints Follow the Star to Bethlehem.

Joan Zielinski, President, SBCA
President, Saint Bernard Club of America

SBCA Lifespan Achievement Award

Many of our members are having a difficult time locating the SBCA Lifespan Achievement Award.  Because of this links will be posted on various pages on the site.

Note that the page may be found under the main link:

If you are logged in: The Saint Bernard Club of America > Club Documents > SBCA Lifespan Achievement Award

If you are not logged in: The Saint Bernard Club of America > SBCA Lifespan Achievement Award

SBCA Lifespan Achievement Award




The SBCA PEDIGREE DATABASE has been revised and updated to include new titles, corrections and, other additional information. 

There are now 88,032 dogs in the system!

We owe a debt of gratitude and thanks to Winnie Vogel, Gary Weigel and Webmaster, Bob Carter for their hard word and dedication to this project. 


The Saint Bernard Club of America is honored to recognize our very own Lifetime Member


on his recent 2016 AKC Lifetime Achievement Award

The Awards, first created and awarded in 1999, are presented in recognition of exceptional participation and achievement within the dog fancy. The finalists and winners, based on nominations from AKC member clubs, have impacted the dog sport on a national level through club involvement, judging, exhibiting, breeding and, teaching.

The honorees will receive engraved Revere bowls on Friday, December 11, 2015 at the Delegates luncheon held in conjunction with the AKC/EUKANUBA National Championship in Orlando, Florida.  A sterling silver Tiffany and Co. bowl, engraved with the names of all recipients past and present, is on permanent display at AKC Headquarters in New York City.  

John received his first Saint Bernard, Nicklus, in 1969. This puppy went on to become the breed’s most-titled (at the time) American and Canadian Champion, as well as American and Canadian Utility Dog. Since Nicklus, John and lived with eight other Saints earning additional championships and UDT’s, and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi earning a tracking title. 

John started over again in 1998, with a Saint puppy, Kris, imported from Belgium.  Kris surpassed John’ other Saint’s record as the most-titled Saint Bernard Champion with 39 titles to his name (nine Master titles in Agility, UDT, TD, RE2, DD, plus a VCD2). Most recently, his Saint, Ms. May, completed her Bronze Grand Championship along with a BN,PC,GN,PCDX,CDX,CGCA. Ms. May holds the breed’s record as the most-titled Grand Champion at the different levels. All John’s dogs are, owner-handled to all titles.

John started judging AKC Obedience in 1978, making 2015 his 37th. year of judging. Over the years, he has been writing the “Dog Talk” and “Random Little Tidbits” articles for Front & Finish. It is his hope that the articles will point out to handlers where points can come off and maybe the team’s scores will go up with a better understanding of the Obedience Regulations. It is not always the dog that errors!

After 40 years of research, John has built a SAINT BERNARD NATIONAL ARCHIVES with data on the Saint Bernard reaching back to 1879. The Archives has the names of every Saint Bernard who earned AKC Titles, plus conformation/performance records, firsts of the breed, and records of the breed.



Learn about the Saint Bernard breed’s fascinating history as well as the founding of the Monastery and museumMartigny007_WebHospice in 980 AD. Read about our legendary Barry who is credited with saving over 40 lives in the Alps centuries ago. Study the special details of our breed in our Illustrated Commentary section. Find a puppy or older Saint or stud service in our Breeders Directory or perhaps you can find a special Saint needing a home through our Rescue Foundation. Want to know more about the Saints in your dog’s pedigree?  Check out our unique Pedigree File.

Our Material…

Information on this site is designed to promote the responsible and intelligent breeding and ownership of our giant breed. We all think of our own special Saints as beloved family companions whether they are snoozing at our feet, or active in a myriad of activities such as conformation exhibiting, obedience/rally, agility, carting,  weight pulls, service or therapy.


We encourage you…

Please contact any of our Breed Advisors, members of the SBCA Board, Committee Chairs or anyone on our Contact List at any time for more information. Our members strive to be true ambassadors for our breed and we are always available to help you. We also invite  you to sign up for email notifications as new material is added by simply filling out the form on this page. 

This site continues to be a work in progress. Please send any comments or suggestions as well as any errors you may encounter to Bob Carter, Webmaster @ r.carter@snet.net


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