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Welcome To The Saint Bernard Club Of America

And to our website. Learn about the Saint Bernard breed’s  fascinating history as well as the founding of the Monastery and Hospice in 980 AD. Read about our legendary Barry who is credited with saving over 40 lives in the Alps centuries ago. Study the special details of our breed in our Illustrated Commentary section. Find a puppy or older Saint or stud service in our Breeders Directory or perhaps you can find a special Saint needing a home through our Rescue Foundation. Want to know more about the Saints in your dog’s pedigree?  Check out our unique Pedigree File.

Our Material…

Information on this site is designed to promote the responsible and intelligent breeding and ownership of our giant breed. We all think of our own special Saints as beloved family companions whether they are snoozing at our feet, or active in a myriad of activities such as conformation exhibiting, obedience/rally, agility, carting,  weight pulls, service or therapy.

We encourage you…

Please contact any of our Breed Advisors, members of the SBCA Board, Committee Chairs or anyone on our Contact List at any time for more information. Our members strive to be true ambassadors for our breed and we are always available to help you. We also invite  you to sign up for email notifications as new material is added by simply filling out the form on this page. This site continues to be a work in progress. Please send any comments or suggestions as well as any errors you may encounter to Myra Wallis, Website Liaison, JJMWALLIS@AOL.COM

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